Stay At Home Cubing

5th april 2020

Competition rules

When a round starts scrambles will be announced on discord (MAKE SURE TO JOIN THE SERVER)

Open the live stream on twitch and the Discord server to follow along with the competition

Scramble your cube according to these scrambles.

Complete each solve and enter your times and any penalties

You can time your solves with a stackmat timer or with another timer, such as cstimer

Please try to follow WCA regulations as closely as possible

  1. Enter your time in the format (as in 13.79) if it is less than a minute and (as in 1:38.29) if it is over a minute

  2. Rounds will run for 20-30 minutes (Check the schedule) Once the round finishes no more responses will be accepted

  3. Don’t discuss the scrambles


Note: By signing up, you allow the organisation team and/or The Cubicle to edit and repost any videos you submit and content you participate in for this event without any additional compensation